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Shot Peening

Shot peening is a superficial refinement process, in which small spherical media bombard the surface.
While the execution is quite similar to sandblasting, its scope makes it more similar to rolling, since it is based on plastic deformation rather than abrasion.
In effect it causes a superficial compression, because the blast provokes a plastic deformation that spreads up to some tenths of millimetres within the material. This process is used to improve the distribution of the surface tensions, by increasing the resistance of the item that has been processed.
The size of the internal volume of our plant enables the largest manoeuvrability and the presence of several workstations enables the processing of big size items.
Moreover our shot peening plant is equipped with a pressure blasting system that enables to reach strength and production speed higher than the classic system in depression, thus ensuring the maximum processing flexibility according to the spherical media types used.
In addition to this, it is equipped with a cyclone for the separation and the salvage of the spherical glass particles, which guarantee safety during the processing and environmental care. The shot peening process benefits are:

- Finishing: for the finishing of surfaces, by giving them a uniform aspect;

- Cleaning: for the surfaces cleaning and the removal of the oxidation produced by heat treatments;

- Roughness: in order to create a perfect finishing and to increase or reduce the roughness of any surface;

- Deflashing: to remove the flashes due to the machining without alteration of the shape and the size of the item processed;



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