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The never stopping innovation needs of the manufacturing processes led our company to deciding for the construction of a sandblasting plant. Sandblasting is an intermediate process within the product cycle processing, in which some layers of the surface (oxide, paint, calcifications, galvanic plating or plastic covering, etc.) are removed. The item is thus left without coating, its roughness depending on the size of the sand used and on the jet pressure.

Due to the introduction of this plant, IN.CO.M is now able to perform in-house sandblasting, especially on steel, cast iron and metal alloys. The sandblasting process is entirely performed inside the sandblasting chamber in order to protect the surrounding area, the workers health and the quality of the material, by avoiding the dust dispersion in the working area.

Furthermore our plant is equipped with an elevation system which is used for the depuration and the storage of the abrasive. Thus, a part of it can be cleaned and put again in the sand-blasting process, whereas another part is stocked in order to be disposed of as a special waste.



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